There&#8217s finally a great use for the old&nbspAndroid phone&mdashand it&#8217s thanks to&nbspEdward Snowden.

The famous whistleblower released an app around the Google Application Store that turns any spare Android device right into a multipurpose security machine. Known as &#8220Haven,&#8221 the application uses built-in smartphone technology to identify when something goes awry. In the event that description sounds a little vague, it&#8217s since the application has a variety of use cases. Actually, its primary purpose isn&#8217t to secure your device, but to safeguard nearly other things&mdashyour belongings, the folks surrounding you, as well as yourself.

You can view Snowden make an effort to describe it&nbspin the recording below.

It protects by gathering data from accelerometers, cameras, microphones, and lightweight sensors inside your phone, and records it within an event log. For instance, in case your phone was nearby if somebody stole your laptop, it may offer you info on once the incident happened, the way the thief sounded, and possibly even the way they looked.&nbspIt may also determine whenever your phone was connected or removed, therefore if someone is attempting to rapidly access your personal data you&#8217ll a minimum of know in which you were and whom you were with at that time.

The application&#8217s&nbspuses are extremely wide-varying, its creators&mdashthe Freedom of the Press Foundation&nbspand&nbspGuardian Project&mdasheven claim it&#8217s probably the most secure baby monitor ever.

&#8220Haven turns any Android phone right into a motion, seem, vibration, and lightweight detector, watching for unpredicted visitors and undesirable intruders. We designed Haven for investigative journalists, human legal rights defenders, and individuals vulnerable to forced disappearance to produce a new type of herd immunity,&#8221 the application&#8217s website reads.

Haven only saves images and sounds if this detects motion or volume, and things are stored in your area in your device, which means you don&#8217t need to bother about it being delivered to a cloud server. The application will be sending notifications to users via SMS message or even the encrypted messaging application Signal once its sensors are triggered.

The Haven application is presently only available on the Google Play Store, though the organization states it wishes to release the same application on iOS soon.

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