Many Cuphead fans were happy to locate a copy from the game within the iOS App Store today, but individuals who paid out cash for that download were duped by scammers.

Studio MDHR, the sport&#8217s developer, confirmed inside a tweet the iOS version would be a fake.

&#8220There is really a Cuphead imposter application around the iOS store &#8212 this can be a scam,&#8221 the developer authored. &#8220We will work on taking out the fraudulent application As soon as possible!&#8221

Cuphead&nbspis really a notoriously difficult indie gaming, and also, since its release only has been on Microsoft Home windows and Xbox One.

But scammers labored pretty diligently to produce a Cuphead look-alike as well as printed a believable Application Store download page. The scam required advantage to the fact that the sport has not been released for iOS, fueling excitement for the potential of a Mac download.

The sport was quickly taken off the application store at 9:34am CT, but at that time many had already compensated for that fraudulent download.

Fortunately, if you’re one of individuals people that was swindled, you are able to recover your lost funds in the Application Store. A author at Tom’s Guide&nbsphas provided an opportune step-by-step help guide to reporting the fake game and recouping your losses.

You are able to report the fraud by heading to the&nbspiTunes Store,&nbspselecting &#8220Purchases, Billing &amp Redemption,&#8221 and writing inside a&nbspdescription from the scam. Apple should achieve to you within 48 hrs and issue reimbursement.

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