While us regular folk make our method to local theaters to look at The Exorcist: The Last Jedi&nbspthis week, astronauts aboard the ISS (Worldwide Space Station) can get to savor the film in orbit a couple of hundred miles above the top of Earth.

Robin Seemangal, a spaceflight reporter,&nbspbroke this news earlier today on Twitter, departing all of us to envy the The Exorcist&nbspmovie watching experience a person can have.

&ldquoI received confirmation from Disney and NASA sources the crew aboard the Worldwide Space Station is going to be screening The Exorcist: The Final Jedi,&rdquo he authored.

A spokesman for NASA also confirmed the show&#8217s space venue.

&ldquo will tell you the crew can see it on orbit,&rdquo NASA Public Matters Officer Dan Huot told Inverse. &ldquoDon&rsquot possess a definitive timeline yet. They sometimes get movies as digital files and may play it well on the laptop or perhaps a standard projector that’s presently aboard.&rdquo

Though this can be probably the most appropriately themed movie for astronauts to look at while coasting with the cosmos, it won’t be the very first time a film is enjoyed aboard a spaceship. The area station really comes with an entire&nbspdigital library in excess of 500 movies, including sci-fi favorites like Aliens and 2001: An Area Journey. During spare time, astronauts typically relax watching films. Astronaut Scott Kelly shared inside a 2015 Twitter publish having a picture from the ISS&#8217s movie night:

Without any gravity available, we question if astronauts fly around and catch floating popcorn within their mouths throughout the movies?

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