A brand new tough search for Converse athletic shoes.
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Saturated Converse athletic shoes are kind of a given whether it begins to drizzle. However with the sneaker company’s new Urban Utility line, just a little rain will not dampen anyone’s day.

Converse, of Nike, partnered with Gore &mdash the organization noted for its GORE-TEX fabric invented in 1969 &mdash to produce water-resistant athletic shoes and garments. The footwear aren’t bonafide rain boots, however they use Gore’s weather-proofing technology within the seams to create streetwear a little tougher within the elements.&nbsp

Gore may be noted for its weather-proofed clothing and footwear, but the company also makes medical products, cleaners, along with other fabrics.

To help keep the shoe and outerwear line stylish, Converse labored with Italian streetwear clothing company Slam Jam and artist Cali Thornhill Dewitt. A few of the toughened-up footwear include reimagined Chuck Taylor All Stars and Jack Purcells.&nbsp

So classics after some something extra.&nbsp

Some products in the new collection can be found today on Slam Jam’s site. More is going to be on converse.com beginning 12 ,. 5. The GORE-TEX “Walker” Chuck Taylors are $150. The Converse Jump &nbspBoot, referred to as a “nod to military paratroopers’ footwear” inside a Jack Purcell mold, is $160.

The Converse Jump Boot is waterproof with GORE-TEX seams.

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A wet day never looked so great.

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