Repetition. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) stated inside a ending up in other lawmakers on Wednesday the way a few of her female colleagues outfitted was &ldquoan invitation&rdquo to sexual harassment, Politico reports.

&ldquoI saw an associate yesterday together with her cleavage so deep it had been lower towards the floor,&rdquo Kaptur stated in a Democratic caucus meeting about sexual harassment, others in the gathering told Politico. &ldquoAnd things i&rsquove seen &hellip it&rsquos really an invite.&rdquo

&ldquoMaybe I&rsquoll get booed for saying this, however, many companies and also the military [have] an outfit code,&rdquo she ongoing. &ldquoI happen to be appalled at a few of the dress of … people and staff. Guys have to put on ties and suits.&rdquo

Inside a statement to reporters explaining her comments afterwards Wednesday, Kaptur recommended she never designed to blame the victim to be harassed.

&ldquoWhen I had been first elected to Congress my office and that i grew to become a refuge for female staffers who was simply mistreated by their bosses. A number of them in tears a number of days. It’s something I carry beside me even today then one I introduced up during our Caucus meeting. Under no conditions could it be the victim&rsquos fault if they’re harassed by any means,&rdquo Kaptur stated within the statement.

However, she also bending lower on the concept that an outfit code could reduce harassment.&nbsp

&ldquoI shared the tales from time here poor the &lsquoMe Too&rsquo legislation and just how we are able to elevate the decorum and also the dress code to safeguard women from exactly what is a pervasive problem here as well as in society in particular,&rdquo Kaptur stated.

When HuffPost requested Kaptur&rsquos office if she thought with an outfit code &ldquoto safeguard women&rdquo still placed the onus on women to dress a certain way to, in theory, avoid being sexually abused, her office referred HuffPost to the part of her statement saying it had been never the victim&rsquos fault.

Kaptur,&nbspnow in her own 17th term, is presently the longest serving woman in the House. She was one in excess of 50 Democratic congresswomen who signed a letter Tuesday with Congress to research the sexual misconduct allegations against President Jesse Trump.

Tasos Katopodis via Getty Images
Repetition. Marcy Kaptur speaks in the Women Workers Rising Rally on March 8, 2017, in Washington.

Late Wednesday, women&rsquos advocacy group UltraViolet pressed back on Kaptur&rsquos explanation of her comments &#8213 particularly calling out her reiteration that the dress code might help safeguard women from harassment.&nbsp

&ldquoRep. Kaptur, hear us loud and obvious: nobody deserves sexual harassment, nobody requests it, and also the only people the reason for it would be the harassers themselves,&rdquo&nbspUltraViolet co-founder Nita Chaudhary stated inside a statement.&nbsp&ldquoBy blaming victims&mdashnot once, but two times today&mdashKaptur is protecting sexual users, and not the survivors who’re silenced and disparaged through the very institution that they work every single day. Kaptur is wrong and she or he must fare better.&rdquo

In October, another Democratic congresswoman, Repetition. Eddie Bernice Manley of Texas, also made headlines for similarly blaming sexual harassment partly in route women dress.

&ldquoI increased up currently if this was just as much the lady&rsquos responsibility because it would be a man&rsquos &mdash the way you were outfitted, what what you do was,&rdquo Manley told a Texas NBC affiliate when requested concerning the allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

&ldquoI&rsquom in the old-fashioned that you could have behaviors that seem to be inviting. It may be construed as a result. That&rsquos the duty, I believe, from the female,&rdquo she stated.

These comments be women across multiple industries, including politics, happen to be calling out sexual misconduct by men at work, included in the #MeToo movement. Recently in a congressional hearing, several female lawmakers testified about cases of sexual harassment involving other lawmakers or staff.

This information has been upgraded with comment from Chaudhary.&nbsp

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