After President&nbspDonald Trump&nbspreportedly known as Haiti and African nations &ldquoshithole countries&rdquo a week ago, Conan O’Brien takes his show to Haiti for his next travel special.

Although O&rsquoBrien revealed the decision on Twitter over the past weekend, he addressed the reason why behind the trip on Conan Monday night. Like many, he’d browse the comments Trump allegedly made throughout a meeting about immigration reform and saw that Trump singled out Haitians and requested, &ldquoWhy will we require more Haitians? Remove them.&rdquo

&ldquoNow I do not know exactly what the president has from the people of Haiti,&rdquo O&rsquoBrien stated in reaction. &ldquoBut when the president doesn&rsquot like them, they ought to be lovely people.&rdquo

In front of his trip, O&rsquoBrien is confident he&rsquoll enjoy his trip to Haiti while he already loves several things that Trump hates, therefore it&rsquos logical that Haiti follows that pattern.

He’s traveled to numerous countries through the years like a late-night host. The journeys usually feature O&rsquoBrien experiencing different factors of this country&rsquos culture with lots of the laughs coming at their own expense. Recently, he’s visited Cuba&mdashthe first late-night host to do this since 1959&mdashand required his show to Mexico where he&nbspfilmed with an all-Mexican crew&nbspafter Trump squared served by Mexican president Enrique Pe&ntildea Nieto. With intends to publish photos from his visit on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, O&rsquoBrien can share all the trip together with his supporters.

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