Yeaaaaah, we are unsure we are buying this.

A 21-year-old student, named Belen Aldecosea, is making the news now as she’s pursuing Spirit Airlines for instructing her to purge her pet hamster lower a rest room. Based on the Florida native, she known as the air travel a few occasions to make sure that her dwarf hamster Pebbles could join her on the flight from Baltimore to Florida.

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Apparently, when Belen showed up in the airport terminal, Spirit declined to allow the small fluff ball board the flight. Here’s where Aldecosea’s story requires a crazzzzy turn. Allegedly, an air travel representative recommended that they flush Pebbles lower a rest room. WHAT???

Understandably, Spirit denies that the worker chose to make this suggestion to Belen. Regardless, the school student defends that they agonized within the suggestion for hrs and made a decision to flush her pet as she’d to obtain home to handle a medical issue. Belen told the Miami Herald:

“She was scared. I had been scared. It had been horrifying attempting to put her within the toilet. I had been emotional. I had been crying. I sitting there for any good ten minutes crying within the stall.”

Okay, to begin with, we have little sympathy with this lady as she made a decision to purge her hamster. Next, we HIGHLY doubt an air travel indicate this kind of cruelty towards a pet.

The 20-something has become thinking about suing Spirit for that alleged part they performed in her own hamster’s demise. Unlike the emotional support peacock which was switched away by U . s . Airlines, lawyer Adam Goodman defends that Pebbles did not “pose some risk with other passengers.”

Even though the rodent was registered being an emotional support animal, Spirit had the authority to refuse Pebbles’ admittance to the flight over safe practices concerns. Oh, and Belen remains the moron who flushed her hamster lower a rest room.

Spirit spokesperson Derek Dombrowski admits an worker misinformed Belen about her hamster’s travel legal rights, but emphatically denied the flushing suggestion. He noted:

“To become obvious, at no reason did any one of our agents suggest this guest (or other for instance) should flush or else injure a pet.”

This directly contradicts Aldecosea’s claim, which specified that the worker recommended Pebbles launch outdoors or flushed lower a rest room. After attempting to book accommodations vehicle, with no success, Belen states she made a decision to flush the animal because it would be a “more humane” choice. Could it have been though????

What is your opinion? Are you currently buying her sob story??

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