Not so good news for Snap Corporation.

CNN is canceling The Update, a regular display on Snapchat that premiered in August and covered hard news with breaking updates during the day. &nbsp

The choice to distance themself from Snapchat, whose parent company Snap Corporation. has faced turmoil on the stock market along with other disastrous missteps within the this past year, isn’t a good look.&nbsp

CNN would be a launch partner in 2015 for Snapchat Uncover, Snap’s network of media partners including Mashable, and is among the most worldwide recognized names on television.

WSJ first reported this news.&nbsp

As Snapchat looks to develop, CNN supplies a name that’s recognized worldwide by consumers youthful and old.&nbsp

&ldquoIt&rsquos more critical than ever before that Snapchatters have the best journalism on the planet, as soon as news breaks, so we&rsquore excited to look at CNN deliver that for them through The Update,” Sean Mills, senior director of content programming for Snapchat, said in a statement during the time of the launch.&nbsp

The Update had its fans, without a doubt. AdWeek named CNN among the “hottest” publishers on the web, citing its focus on Snapchat.&nbsp

However the show just wasn’t worthwhile for CNN. A primary reason it cancelled the show was “there wasn&rsquot a obvious enough path to earn money,” people acquainted with the problem told WSJ. Formerly, Snap offered CNN along with other media companies licensing charges, but Snap is searching to alter that program and rather require partners to finance their very own ventures. Uncover partners create a cut from ads within their channels.&nbsp

Advertising is when other publishers have made millions per year from their channels.&nbsp

“What Snapchat did well could it be curated a location in which a writer&rsquos brand could live also it produced an advertisement model that may pay,” Troy Youthful, president of Hearst Digital Media, told the New York Times in May. Hearst hosts Snapchat versions of Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Popular Mechanics on Uncover.&nbsp

Apparently, CNN didn’t see enough return on this kind of investment.

Snap and CNN released some pot statement that categorized CNN’s decision like a “pause” as opposed to a complete break with Snapchat.&nbsp

“Snap and CNN have built an excellent partnership through the years and our teams have enormous popularity of one another. We intend to keep cooperating and mutually made the decision hitting pause once we explore the very best possibilities for doing that.&nbspOur relationship will greatly be ongoing,” the statement reads.

What that relationship is going to be will be determined. Meanwhile, CNN journalists could still use Snapchat and lead to the Tales, curations of snaps on breaking news.&nbsp

Obviously, CNN is not Snapchat’s only news partner. NBC runs a regular show known as Stay Tuned In. It launched the month just before CNN’s and it is still running two times daily. Based on NBC’s latest figures, the show captures millions of unique viewers monthly. Nearly all viewers watch the show without skipping.&nbsp

While CNN’s name and The Update might have tried to attract a mature audience, Snapchat’s overall audience continues to be very youthful. Greater than two-thirds of NBC’s audience for Remained Tuned is younger than 25, for instance.&nbsp

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