This fall saw ever-rising estimates of the amount of people arrived at by Russian-backed troll accounts &mdash just shy of 150 million finally count . The social networking has finally released the tool it promised last month allowing users to find out if they loved or adopted certainly one of the many pages or pieces of content put online throughout the sketchy attempt for mass manipulation.

Not even close to shouting the supply of the tool in the rooftops, Facebook anxiously waited before the Friday before Christmas, a conventional dumping-ground for products companies would prefer to go undetected, after which stuck the tool deep within the help pages. Nice try, Facebook!

To the credit, though, the tool is remarkably easy to use. Just go to this page also it should display the accounts produced by Russia&rsquos Research Agency which you may have loved or adopted. Should you sign in to your Instagram account, it&rsquoll reveal that info too.

Should you adopted a few of the shady accounts, it&rsquoll seem like this:

IMG 2 TTIf this area is empty, that doesn&rsquot mean you weren&rsquot uncovered towards the content under consideration, exactly that you didn&rsquot build relationships it. You might still somewhat be one of the lucky 146 million. Without doubt Facebook could let you know whether that&rsquos the situation or otherwise, however the optics on telling people directly are pretty bad &mdash everybody would have a screenshot and publish it using the caption &ldquoWTF!&rdquo or &ldquoOMG Facebook is damaged!&rdquo

We expect to similar tools using their company major firms that have found attempts at election interference on their own platforms.

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