A Roman Catholic priest in Wisconsin states he feels &ldquoliberated&rdquo after coming out to his church &#8213 and also the world &#8213 like a gay man.

The Rev. Gregory Greiten,&nbspwho can serve as the pastor of Milwaukee&rsquos St. Bernadette Parish,&nbspreceived a standing ovation as he opened up up about his sexuality to his parishioners earlier this Sunday.&nbsp

&ldquoI am Greg. I’m a Roman Catholic priest,&rdquo he apparently&nbsptold the congregation. &ldquoAnd, yes, I’m gay!&rdquo

Greiten further detailed his journey toward self-acceptance in a lengthy column&nbsppublished within the National Catholic Reporter on Monday.&nbsp

&ldquoA couple of Roman Catholic clergymen all over the world have mustered in the courage to interrupt with the wall of silence and speak the reality regarding their sexual identity,&rdquo he wrote. &ldquoI pledge for you which i won’t live my existence within the shadows of secrecy. I promise to become my authentically gay self. I’ll embrace the person who God produced me to become.&rdquo

He ongoing:

This fireplace burning insidewithin all me, I won’t contain. I won’t be silent any more the cost to pay for is much too great. I have to speak my truth. I’ve resided too many years chained up and imprisoned within the closet behind walls of shame, trauma and abuse due to the homophobia and discrimination so prevalent within my church and also the world. But instead, today, I chart a brand new course in freedom as well as in integrity understanding that there’s nothing that anybody can perform to harm or destroy my spirit any more. Steps in accepting and loving the individual God produced me to become.

Greiten, obviously, isn’t alone. Although most surveys derive from limited samples because of the sensitivity from the issue, newer estimates have place the share of Catholic clergymen within the U.S. identifying as gay between 15 percent&nbspand 50 percent.&nbsp&nbsp

Regardless of the applause Greiten received Sunday, churchgoers appeared divided within the implications of his announcement.&nbsp

Madge Powell, a parishioner at St. Bernadette&rsquos for eight years, told the National Catholic Reporter that they couldn&rsquot care less about Greiten&rsquos sexuality. &ldquoI love him for that person he’s,&rdquo she stated.

Shawn Govern, who’s against same-sex marriage, required a far more tentative stance.&nbsp&ldquoHe designed a option to walk-in Christ&rsquos footwear,&rdquo Govern said, &ldquobecause he&rsquos not really recognized by everybody.&rdquo&nbsp

For his part,&nbspGreiten stated his decision to be released was greatly an individual choice.&nbsp

&ldquoThe difference for me personally now’s I recieve to reside a existence that&rsquos open,&rdquo he told local NBC affiliate TMJ 4. &ldquoIt is honest also it&rsquos filled with integrity, which&rsquos what&rsquos most significant in my experience.&rdquo&nbsp

Whether Greiten will face any church-based repercussions is determined by Milwaukee&rsquos Archbishop Jerome Listecki. Inside a statement released towards the&nbspMilwaukee Journal Sentinel&nbspon Monday, Listecki appeared supportive of Greiten&rsquos announcement and confirmed the two had met in advance.&nbsp

&ldquoWe support Father Greiten in the own, personal journey and telling his story of visiting understand and accept his sexual orientation,&rdquo Listecki authored.&nbsp

&ldquoAs the Church teaches, individuals with same-sex attraction should be given understanding and empathy,&rdquo he added. &ldquoAs clergymen who’ve designed a promise to celibacy, we all know that each week you will find individuals our pews who have a problem with the issue of homosexuality.&rdquo

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