Staff claim Cambridge Analytica ignored US ban on foreigners working on elections

In the 2014 midterm elections and the Trump campaign, firm was staffed mainly by young Britons and CanadiansCambridge Analytica employed non-American citizens to work on US election campaigns in apparent violation of federal law, despite receiving a legal warning about the risks. The companys responsibilities under US law were laid out in a lawyers memo [...]

Why the lost kingdom of Patagonia is a live issue for Chile’s Mapuche people

The Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia was dismissed as the 19th century folly of a quixotic Frenchman but it left a powerful legacy of indigenous sovereigntyOn the walls of Tourtoirac Abbey in southern France hangs a map that portrays a very different vision of Latin American history. A reproduction of a 19th century original, it [...]

Fly away to Europe with sweet Valentine’s Day flight sale

Fly away with a sweet Valentine's Day deal.Image: wow airNothing says true love like flying to Europe for $100. WOW Air is ready for Valentine's Day with deals to Iceland from American cities like Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York, and Pittsburgh starting at $99 one-way. San Francisco flights to Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik, start at [...]

Ronda Rousey Thinking She’s Being Asked About Time Travel Is One Of The Most Painfully Awkward Celeb Interviews EVER!

Well this is painfully awkward. Ronda Rousey misunderstands question, gets annoyed. — Cork Gaines (@CorkGaines) March 27, 2018 Ronda Rousey does not have the ability to go back in time. She's also not great at comprehending poorly-phrased questions during live TV interviews. Both facts were established on Tuesday when the UFC alum and soon-to-be [...]

Heavy snow causes UK-wide disruption

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionBBC Weather's Darren Bett has the forecast for the next few days Hundreds of schools have been closed, flights have been cancelled and police have dealt with serious crashes after heavy snow hit parts of the UK.Three people died following a crash in Lincolnshire while one man [...]

Bars want to join in on the Tide Pod challenge by making lots and lots of shots

Nope, the Tide Pod challenge isn't going away any time soon, especially when alcohol is involved.  One bar in New York City had a dream of taking the meme trend, make it not kill people, and even get people drunk. Barcelona Bar has begun selling Tide Pod shots (without the detergent). The Barcelona-style shot bar [...]

VA Secretary’s European Trip Was An Ethics Mess Funded By Taxpayers

Shulkin’s 10-day trip to London and Copenhagen was planned under the guise of business travel, but involved only 3-1/2 working days, according to the report. He effectively used a VA subordinate as“a personal travel concierge” to plan leisure activities, and improperly accepted free tickets to the Wimbledon tennis match, the report said. Shulkin is among [...]

Saudi cleric says women need not wear abaya robe in public

First such comment by senior religious figure comes amid liberalisation drive spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Saudi cleric says women need not wear abaya robe in public First such comment by senior religious figure comes amid liberalisation drive spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Sat 10 Feb 2018 21.24EST Share via Email [...]

Here’s How Beyonc Reacted To All The Love & Support Amid #WhoBitBeyonce Mystery

Beyoncé thanks you for your concern. The superstar has been showered with support from fans and colleagues alike after Tiffany Haddish revealed that an unnamed actress bit Bey on her face at a party back in December. VOTE: Who Do YOU Think Bit Beyoncé? The source added that Beyonce's personal Beyhive has been getting swarmed [...]

‘A Wrinkle In Time’ Has A Grand Imagination, But It Can’t Quite Put It To Good Use

They beam down to Earth from some other dimension to aid our 13-year-old heroine (Storm Reid), much like Hagrid takes Harry Potter to Hogwarts and Glinda the Good Witch gives Dorothy yellow-bricked marching orders in Oz. Once Hagrid and Glinda leave, their pupils use what they’ve learned to explore their surroundings alone, in turn illuminating the [...]

Strap an iPad on your face and become a Human Uber with ChameleonMask

Can’t make it to that important meeting on the other side of town? That’s OK, one day you may be able to just hire a “Human Uber” to attend in your stead. Japanese researcher Jun Rekimoto developed this particular telepresence idea. It’s a unique wearable prototype system, which is essentially a VR headset with an [...]

I Covered The Rajneesh Cult. Heres What Wild Wild Country Leaves Out.

Burrows had joined a cult. But not just any cult. The 18-year-old had become a follower of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and started wearing Bhagwan’s photo around her neck. Over the next few years, Dara and thousands like her would travel to rural Oregon with Rajneesh, and build a sprawling commune in his name. [...]

From Top Gun to Stand By Me: why the 1980s is my favourite film decade

It was the best of times for action, romance, teen and time-travel movies. It was also surprisingly liberal and diverse. But most of all it was funIm such a raging narcissist (or sociopath) that I generally assume my taste is the same as everyone elses. How can people possibly think differently from me? Obviously everyone [...]

Strange ‘Alien Skeleton’ Mystery Finally Solved

The body is just 6 inches long and likely a fetus; however, it has a skeletal structure that appears to be that of a 6-year-old child. Since the mummy had 10 pairs of ribs instead of 12 and an elongated head, some believed it could be an alien. “I had heard about this specimen through [...]

Starfleet is pushed to the brink in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ episode 14

Star Trek: Discovery‘s first season is too short. I don’t just say that because I’m greedy for more episodes, but because there’s an intimidating amount of material to wrap up in next week’s finale. It’s hard to see how the Federation can escape its current predicament without resorting to time travel and delivering the show’s [...]