A Florida man says his Apple AirPods caught fire and exploded

Add Apple’s wireless in-ear headphones to the ever-growing list of exploding technology. A man in Tampa Bay, Florida, said the right earbud of his AirPods started to smoke as he was listening to a dance mix at an LA Fitness. James Colon quickly took the time bomb out of his ear, placed it on some workout [...]

Strava’s ‘SEX Club’ isn’t about exercise

Yes, this is a real screenshot from the Strava Global Heatmap.Image: StravaFor millions of people, the fitness-tracking app Strava is a handy tool for logging runs and sharing exercise data with friends. Strava may also be, it turns out, a great way to join a sex club. On Wednesday, an untold number of Strava users [...]

Onward helps businesses automate their customer service

How much can customer service be automated? Onward has some straightforward targets — 40 percent of tickets and 40 percent of messages should be automated, and average response times should be 40 seconds on average. Founders Rémi Cossart and Pramod Thammaiah describe this as Automation40 — basically, a set of goals for businesses looking to [...]

The startup that wants you to wear a VR headset while working out just raised $5.5 million

Would you wear a virtual reality headset while riding a bike? The answer is no, hopefully, but what about a stationary bike? One Cambridge-based fitness startup, VirZOOM, is hoping virtual reality can be the next key to a new fitness craze. Fitness companies like Peloton have raised massive amounts of cash to build techie fitness empires, [...]

4 True Stories That Might Make You Reconsider Posting To ‘Missed Connections’

“I was staring at him because he was sleeping with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, and I just thought it was really funny,” she told HuffPost. “He was doing this thing where he would sleep, and then if the train jostled him at all he would move a little bit and it was [...]

20+ Times People Had Genius Ideas That Are So Crazy They Might Actually Work

I mean, who thought that injecting people with a benign form of disease to immunize them was a good idea at first? Or putting wings on a tube and attempting to fly in it? Absolute madness! Scroll down to check out the latest batch of crazy ideas from the internet’s hive mind, and don’t forget to [...]

It’s not just in the genes: the foods that can help and harm your brain

Our diet has a huge effect on our brain and our mental wellbeing, even protecting against dementia. So, what should be on the menu? It's not just in the genes: the foods that can help and harm your brain Our diet has a huge effect on our brain and our mental wellbeing, even protecting against [...]

Olympic downhill: How a gold medal is a badge for life

(CNN)It's often viewed as the banner event of the Winter Olympics, and the epitome of daring downhill sports. Franz Klammer reflects on career"The pressure is enormous once you're up in the starting gate. You only have one shot every four years and you're representing your whole country, not just yourself. That's why it is a [...]

52 major news stories. 31 days. One month in Trump’s Washington.

(CNN)President Donald Trump demonstrated a unique ability during his first year: He can bend time.January 1Trump to New Year's Eve guests: 2018's 'going to be something very, very special'He's not wrong!January 2Sheriff David Clarke temporarily blocked on Twitter after violating terms of serviceTrump again at war with 'deep state' Justice DepartmentUtah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch [...]

Olympic Village stocked with 110,000 condoms

(CNN)Are organizers of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang expecting the most promiscuous Winter Games in modern history? It's not like there's nothing else to do. Athletes typically enjoy amenities such as a fitness center, round-the-clock dining, a media center and dedicated multifaith areas for worship.

Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky has joined Y Combinator as a partner

If you follow the startup industry, you likely know the story of smartwatch maker Pebble, including that famous Kickstarter campaign in 2012 that sought $100,000 but wound up raising more than $10 million instead. You might also remember thinking that Pebble’s fate was sealed once Apple launched its own now-ubiquitous smartwatch in 2014. You were [...]

Here’s What Happened When A Male Sex Worker Said, ‘Me Too’

Last month, the 26-year-old Brooklynite came forward with rape allegations against another adult film actor, Topher DiMaggio. The incident took place, he said, when the men were sharing a room at an upstate New York location ― he can’t remember the name of the town or the exact date ― on the night before they were [...]

Hey Amazon, here’s some advice for HQ2 office perks

This forest sanctuary is part of an office design, so work-life balance doesn't have to clock out.Image: sterling bayWhile Amazon continues its search for the next North American city to host its second headquarters, the online shopping company is no doubt also looking at what to include in the future HQ2 building no matter where [...]

Holy moly! Facebook test was nudging me to chat with a church

Facebook says it’s on a mission to de-bloat its Messenger app this year. At the same time, TechCrunch has discovered, the data-mining giant is running tests on its desktop platform to inject the Messenger “contact pages” of businesses directly into your chat sidebar. And here it appears to be toying with the idea of spamming [...]

Is it time to ditch the Fitbit?

I have been pushing myself to hit 10,000 steps a day. But a new study shows I have probably been wasting my time Shortcuts Wed 31 Jan 2018 09.01EST Share on Twitter View more sharing options Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ Share on Messenger Close The Truth About Getting Fit, the hours I dedicate [...]