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One in 10 senior politicians in Brazil funded by companies ‘linked to slavery’

Investigation finds President Michel Temer among 51 politicians on dirty list receiving donations from firms accused of labour abuses Modern-day slavery in focus About this content Fri 16 Feb 2018 05.00EST Share on Twitter View more sharing options Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ Share on Messenger Close the NGO Reprter Brasil. Temers election committee [...]

A single dad walked 11 miles to work every day — until his co-workers found out

(CNN)Trenton Lewis' legs ached from the 11-mile walk he made every morning to get to his 4 a.m. shift. And yet the 21-year-old dutifully did it for seven long months.

Numerous Fatalities & Multiple Injured In Shooting At Florida High School Suspect In Custody

UPDATE 9:07 P.M. EST: In another press conference Wednesday night, Sheriff Israel relayed the following:"Since we've last briefed, we've identified 12 [of 17 fatality] victims within the school. We will not be releasing the names of any victims until every family and every parent is notified accordingly." Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was also present [...]

The world is watching: How Florida shooting made U.S. gun control a global conversation

AR-15 "Sport" rifles on sale at deep discounts in an Arizona store.Image: john moore/Getty ImagesWhen you move to America from a country with more effective gun control laws, one of the first things you learn is how hard it is to talk to Americans — even on the sympathetic side of the political divide — [...]

10+ Powerful Stories Behind Tattoos With Real Meaning

These tattoos are different, they are meaningful in ways that are deeply touching. From loving memories of departed family members, to reminders of past struggles and the recovery from things like addiction and depression, this list compiled by Bored Panda will inspire and move you, and perhaps make you reconsider that that rainbow pooping unicorn [...]

25+ Funny Valentines Day Gifts And Cards By People With An Unconventional Definition Of Romance

So rather than the boring, unimaginative and totally standard flowers, chocolates and dinner for two, these people made it a much more memorable experience by being a bit silly and having some fun with it! Scroll down to check out the list below, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites! This submission is hidden. [...]

Parkinson’s sufferer ‘ejected over walk’

"I try to be as normal as possible but it's really demeaning when people say things like that to me," he said.His daughter Katrina Cartlidge said she was "devastated and mortified" by the way her father was treated at the store on Springfields Retail Park."It's hard to see him suffering like this," she said, adding [...]

Chloe Kim: US teenager makes history at Winter Olympics

Pyeongchang, South Korea (CNN)Hers is a life changed. Standing at 5ft 3in, it is not always easy to spot Chloe Kim in a crowd, but on a cloudless Tuesday in South Korea it was obvious where America's new golden girl was.

The follow-up to ‘UNO,’ ‘DOS,’ is a brand new take on card games

Image: lili sams/mashableThere's a sequel to the card game UNO — it's appropriately called DOS. DOS is a new take on UNO that uses a similar system of numbered and colored cards, but this time around players have two card piles to choose from for playing cards and win after earning enough points, not by [...]

Donald Trump Lashes Out At The #MeToo Movement, Argues For ‘Due Process’ For Accused

It's been a tough week to be a domestic violence-committing dip-shit in Not surprisingly, Trump isn't taking this well at all!! On Saturday morning, The Donald got on Twitter and decided to lash out against the #MeToo movement by arguing for "due process." Here are the stupid things he had to say (below): Peoples lives [...]

Ubers new CEO could probably win at 10 dimensional chess

The courtroom has been cleared, the lights are off in the spillover room on the 19th floor and the initial takes are in on the Uber vs. Waymo trial. Uber will give Alphabet, the parent company of both Waymo and the search giant Google, some $244 million worth of stock, and agree to ensure that [...]

Wife of Ohio police shooting suspect said he previously threatened to kill her

(CNN)Two Ohio police officers were fatally shot Saturday while responding to a 911 hangup call involving potential domestic abuse, authorities said.The 911 caller was identified as the suspect's wife, Candace Smith. Police records show that officers previously visited the Smith home for reports of domestic violence.'My husband ... shot the police officers'In a 911 call [...]

This former Uber (and Lyft) exec just raised $15 million for his controversial e-scooter startup: Bird

Travis VanderZanden. If you’ve been following the fast-changing transportation industry, it’s a name that may sound familiar. Until September 2016, VanderZanden was VP of growth at Uber and before that, COO of its fierce rival Lyft, which had acquired his on-demand car wash company, Cherry, in 2013. It was a dramatic few years for VanderZanden, [...]

Another White House staffer resigns amid domestic abuse allegations

Painful Sex Is Often The First Sign Of A Serious Condition For Women. But Most Doctors Dismiss It.

Over the years, she tried to bring up the pain with different health care providers, but was rebuffed. They advised her to drink some wine, relax, and watch movies. One clinic suggested her boyfriend may be coercing her into having rough sex. Another clinician said it could have something to do with her anxiety disorder. [...]