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Sacha Baron Cohen has provided to pay fines for six Czech vacationers who have been arrested in Kazakhstan for wearing nothing but ‘Borat’-inspired mankinis.

The audience had posed for photos within the capital of Astana.

On 14 November, local media reported the vacationers have been fined 22,500 tenge ($67 &pound51) each for his or her “indecent” appearance.

The well known one-piece is made famous through the British actor’s character, Borat, a imaginary Kazakh TV presenter.

“To my Czech mates who have been arrested. Send me the information you have and proof it had become you, and I’ll pay your fine,” the comedian wrote on Facebook.

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Image caption The Czech men were arrested for “minor hooliganism” after posing in freezing temperatures

There’s been an assorted reaction to the incident from Kazakh social media users.

“They [Czechs] must have been jailed for any year. Then others might have attracted training!!!” Facebook user Bulat Sapargaliyevich stated.

“Where would be the men of Astana? This man [Baron Cohen] ought to be arrested, his legs and hands ought to be tangled up after which he ought to be pulled around the roads!” Bek Zhanturin added.

Others were more supportive.

“Good job, Sacha Baron Cohen! He’s alone doing greater than our entire PR ragtag team gives promote the trademark of Kazakhstan,” Kazakh blogger Askar Japarov said.

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Image caption Sacha Baron Cohen as Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev

Baron Cohen’s comedy film Borat! Cultural Learnings of the usa for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, follows the type of Borat Sagdiyev because he travels towards the US to create a documentary.

The show earned the actor a Golden Globe award but additionally attracted debate.

Kazakhstan banned the show and purchasers from the DVD and also the government bodies threatened to file a lawsuit him.

However in 2012, the Kazakh foreign minister publicly thanked Baron Cohen for enhancing tourism within the central Asian condition.

Mankinis might get you in danger nearer to home too.

This Year, mankinis along with other “inappropriate clothing” were banned in Newquay inside a bid to lessen crime and shed the Cornish seaside town’s stag party status.

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