With all the advanced technology available on the market nowadays, such as the recently-released iPhone X, it’s not hard to forget where everything started. A Finest Buy flyer from 1994 has surfaced online, and if you notice the cutting-edge stuff these were selling, you are either likely to feel very old or question what the heck you are searching at.

From Packard Bell multimedia personal computers, to VHS camcorders, to The new sony Walkmans, all of the legends are here, and much more. Remember the first cordless Motorola phone? What about the Super Nintendo you played together with your buddies after school? Remember the ‘Lion King’ soundtrack CD you accustomed to blast out of your compact stereo. It had been a classic simpler time, one which existed in individuals magical years before we began meeting on Tinder, Gps navigation-tracking one another on Snapchat, and uploading everything on Instagram. None of the rings a bell? Go ask your older sister, or simply return to texting.

Relive the glory times of commercial technology, and dive in to the flashback of the flyer yourself below. Just don’t say we did not warn you concerning the major feels you might experience.

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