Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Worldwide Airport terminal&#39s blackout leaves many vacationers stranded.
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Travel delays will never be fun, but spare a concept for individuals travelling through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport terminal.

The airport terminal experienced an extended power outage which lasted from early mid-day right through to the night time, forcing a ground stop on flights headed to Atlanta, with planes mid-flight diverted to alternative airports.

A large number of flights had arrived in Atlanta because the blackout happened, with a few made to spend hrs around the tarmac because they anxiously waited for crews to consider passengers off via stairs.&nbsp

It had been the situation for CNN’s Betsy Klein, who tweeted her experience of spending seven hrs stuck inside a Delta plane.

Within the airport terminal, it had not been entirely obvious who had been responsible for the problem.

There were people resting on baggage claim belts.

Ellen Carmichael tweeted on a flight that was 10.5 hrs lengthy, and spent nearly yet another six hrs stranded around the runway before she was finally in a position to deplane.

Others also shared their predicament online, with the possible lack of food being a problem.

Currently of seat back screens, one plane used live entertainment to help keep spirits up.

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Even employees were not able to escape in the carnage.

All power continues to be fully restored to the airport, and all sorts of passengers have finally been deplaned. The Town of Atlanta will allow travellers to remain in the Georgia Worldwide Convention Center for that night and Chick-Fil-A will give you food.&nbsp

Yes, unbelievably, on the Sunday.

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