Hello all. We do hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving, in which you saw all of your relatives, as well as in Alexis&rsquo situation, rested having a couple of. Bloodstream is thicker than condoms, as the saying goes in her own trailer park.

Anyway, MTV, such as the true terrorist group they’re, ran a fucking episode of the D-list trash the night time before Thanksgiving, right in the center of my prime hometown consuming time.


So yeah, I&rsquoll be attempting to include parts from a week ago&rsquos episode within this recap too, which means this show doesn&rsquot feel more nonsensical of computer already is. LOL, like this&rsquos hard.


Should you thought you’d miss per week of the show and they’d really improve in that week, is it necessary news for you personally!

They get three beams, on week nine. Terrence J is much like, &ldquoThat&rsquos the cheapest anybody has ever become about this show,&rdquo also it&rsquos like, okay, that will depend in your meaning of &ldquolow.&rdquo Like, between possibly losing the cash on and on home by having an STD, this complete show is very cheap.

Don&rsquot worry though, guys&mdashKeith, the man who wears spandex American Flag shorts and appears like all man I’ve ever prevented in the bar, has this!

Apparently, he studied math and statistics at Virginia Tech, which really seems like something every guy you avoid in the bar would say. I trust Keith about around the American public trusts our president.

Based on Keith, Michael and Keyana really are a match. Everybody is much like, fuuuuuuuck really? While Keyana is much like fuuuuuuuuck all of you I said. I&rsquom rooting to allow them to be considered a match, however i&rsquom also 79% sure Michael will ultimately bat for that other team. You can rely on me, I studied statistics at Virginia Tech.

Shad is freely skeptical relating to this whole &ldquoblindly having faith in Keith&rdquo factor, and that i can&rsquot blame him. But on the other hand, who would you trust? A dude named Shad? We&rsquore honestly from a rock along with a dude by having an IQ of the rock here.

Michael is really happy he is able to freely flirt with Geles since he and Audrey really are a no-match. They&rsquove been speaking regarding their sexual chemistry for eight episodes now, also it&rsquos like, we obtain it, you wanna bone.

PERSON In The Home: Wow, the elements is actually nice today.

MICHAEL AND GELES: Honestly, we’ve a lot sexual chemistry we have to release.

They release the sexual chemistry around the bed that Zoe generally is over sleeping, within the communal area, before Audrey. 3/3 to be the worst type of people. Like, you heathens couldn&rsquot even visit the Boom Boom Room? I understand Geles consists of 80% eyelashes and extensions, but somewhere for the reason that body there needs to be a brain to inform her this is fucking gross.

Audrey is crying to Shad, and that he&rsquos like, &ldquoYou&rsquore the entire package, and you may have my whole package too.&rdquo

Shad adopts this complete discuss how women are just like weather, and that he&rsquos as an oak tree that may withstand the elements, hence why he is ideal for Audrey. Okay, I&rsquoll have what Shad&rsquos getting.

SHAD: *hits blunt* I&rsquom like, a tree, ya know?

DD and Kareem are connecting over the truth that both of them come from exactly the same condition, plus they both &ldquohate being screwed over.&rdquo Wow, exactly what a shocking coincidence. It&rsquos so amazing if you have an unbreakable bond with somebody that shares exactly the same generic and apparent traits while you. Love is gorgeous.

Meanwhile, in a Jesse Trump rally in your area, Keith and Alexis continue to be dating. Honestly, Alexis should have a platinum vagina, because the truth that Keith is still together with her after she told him to die inside a vehicle crash after which hysterically introduced him to her stuffed bunny rabbit friend is inspiring. I remember when i told a dude I didn&rsquot like avocado, and that he requested for that check.

Oh, to become youthful and redneck.

The Task

For that challenge they have to have 1 of 3 couples use, Dimetri/DD, Clinton/Geles, or Nicole/Tyler, to allow them to finally obtain a fucking right diamond necklace.

The people can get requested an issue concerning the women, and if they’re wrong (or don&rsquot answer first), then they have to move a pole from the tower which has balls inside it. When the ball falls, that individual has gone out. That felt really technical&hellip. Let&rsquos toss in a &ldquofuck&rdquo in here to continue the good work to brand.

Anyway, Keith, Tyler, and Anthony&mdashthe guy using the lisp that haunts me within my dreams&mdashwin.

Keith takes DD because she hasn&rsquot been in to start dating ? yet, which is nice. Anthony takes Zoe to low-key piss off Geles, that we agree to. And Tyler picks Nicole, obvi.

They will a haunted mansion, which seems like the worst date ever. If my date attempted to consider me there, I’d just scream, &ldquoI don&rsquot like avocado,&rdquo and hope he adopts my ass home.&nbsp

TBH, no house may be scarier than Anthony&rsquos ripped jeans. What is required win these funds which means this poor boy are able to afford actual clothes. Poor Tyler, they know when shit goes lower, he&rsquos the first to visit.

Duh, while he&rsquos the biggest and easiest to seize! Get the mind from the MAGA gutter!

Anthony states to Zoe, &ldquoYou were the lady I needed up to now since the first day,&rdquo that is some babyback bullshit basically&rsquove heard it.

ANTHONY: I loved you as soon as I saw you.


Zoe will not have relations with get near to Anthony because she’s buddies with Geles, that is&mdashwait for this&mdashfucking stupid, since Geles and Anthony haven&rsquot been a match forever of your time. I am talking about, if Zoe was like, &ldquoI can&rsquot become familiar with him due to his speech impediment,&rdquo I&rsquod end up like, fair enough.

Nicole informs Tyler that they loves to date shitty guys after which fix them, and Tyler&rsquos like, &ldquoOh, which means you&rsquore the worst type of girl ever, then. First got it.&rdquo He informs her that they has got the system incorrectly because he studied math and statistics at Virginia Tech it never works.

They begin making out and downing wine, that is always an excellent begin to rapport. Despite the fact that Nicole still appears like she’s in physical discomfort being with Tyler, I’m still rooting on their behalf.

The Reality BOOTH

Clearly, everybody transmits Tyler and Nicole towards the truth booth. And thanks sweet baby Jesus, they’re an ideal match.

A home is super excited, plus they start singing a composed song about . Worst remake of EVER.


Geles and Clinton are speaking&mdashand by speaking, I am talking about, Geles is shoving her tits in Clinton&rsquos face&mdashwhile Clinton is asking Jesus for forgiveness for thinking impure ideas. Uche walks by, super pissed off, and Geles is much like, &ldquoShe type of scares me.&rdquo Really? Uche&rsquos personality is on componen with paint drying on the wall, so the only method she could hurt you is much like, by boring you to definitely dying.

Geles is low-key pleading Clinton to create by helping cover their her, which is things i imagine goes through Clinton&rsquos dumb but pretty mind:

Eventually, Clinton dates back to Uche. He&rsquos been really tired recently, and that he figures a ten minute conversation together with her will put him right to sleep.

MY Mother:&nbspSay what you should about Geles, but a minimum of she&rsquos understanding all of the guys in the home.

Yes, I&rsquom sure Geles is extremely popular.


The home decides to rehearse the strategy with Keith serving as Trump and Alexis serving as Sarah Sanders. Shad takes the function from the FBI and decides to question wtf is happening here.

Keith asks Shad if he thinks he and Audrey really are a match, and Shad&rsquos like, &ldquoWell yeah, because if you notice yourself in 5 years&hellip&rdquo and Keith is much like, &ldquoWRONG! That&rsquos no answer. Crooked Shad! Always Laying! I&rsquom the very best at solutions, trust me.&rdquo

Shad keeps attempting to explain themself, and literally, nobody lets him fucking speak. Alexis is much like, &ldquoDon&rsquot pay attention to Shad, he&rsquos dumb. Keith is sensible.&rdquo Alexis, you literally possess a third grade education. A fucking senior high school junior is much like Einstein for you.

They’re basing this complete strategy on either Joe and Zoe as being a match or Shad and Audrey as being a match. Though Shad swears to god they’re, he&rsquos sadly disregarded (similar to our FBI), plus they opt for the dumber solution rather.

I would like justice for Shad. #TheResistance


Keith is wishing this match-up provides them more details, so ya know, he is able to Virginia Tech this factor up. For any guy so great at math, he ought to know the chances of Alexis killing him eventually are just like, through the roof.

Anthony goes first and picks Uche. Well, there&rsquos a few I’d never affiliate with ever.

Joe picks Zoe, because strategy.

Dimitri picks Audrey. After a week ago and the bullshit with Jada (he essentially was the greatest dick to her while he didn&rsquot wish to be her match), Dimitri, or Demitri or regardless of the fuck his name is, can consume a bag of dicks. JADA Doesn’t DESERVE YOU PEOPLE.

Shad picks Alivia, who’s offering her first born child with this not to be genuine.

Clinton picks Geles obvi.

Uche gives Geles a tight schedule-ahead &ldquoto do whatever she would like with Clinton,&rdquo and Geles is much like, &ldquoSee all of the roadblocks stopping me from understanding Clinton!!!!!!! A lot of obstacles!!!!!&rdquo

Malcolm picks Alexis. LOL, like Alexis would ever bring Malcolm the place to find mother and father.

Keith expires next. Everybody is, like, very worried about this tactic, especially Shad. Shad attempts to speak again, and Keith informs him to seal the fuck up. Normally, I’d be rooting for any fight here, but Keith would wipe the ground with Shad&rsquos Abercrombie ass.

It&rsquos so difficult getting to look at two dudes you like, but additionally equally hate, fight. :/

Keith picks Jada.

Ethan picks Nurys. Yeah, that&rsquos another fight I wouldn&rsquot bet on. How on the planet is Ethan likely to handle Nurys&rsquo dick?

Kareem picks DD simply because they have a lot in keeping. I am talking about, have you seen how she’s teeth And that he has teeth?! Unreal!

Michael picks Keyana, who is able to be petty AF when as it happens she’s right. YAS GURL.

So, they finish up getting five from 11, that is like, bad. What will i know? I didn&rsquot study statistics and math at Virginia Tech.

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