Image: lili sams/mashable

It is really an odd one: Not lengthy after night time on 12 ,. 2, some iOS 11-powered iPhones began crashing.

It had been a problem with local notifications, as software engineer Yoshimasa Niwa noted on Twitter (h/t iMore). And it is recently been addressed by Apple, which &mdash within an unusual twist &mdash pressed out iOS 11.2 to any or all users just a number of hrs following the final developer beta form of the update went live.

Most iOS updates arrive on Tuesdays, however the time-related crashes clearly brought Apple to drag the trigger early.

The iPhone maker also published a support article offering guidance to those affected by the crashes. It comes down lower to entering Settings &gt Notifications and setting “Allow Notifications” to off for each application. Once that’s done, the content states, you are best to update to iOS 11.2.

The most recent iOS update also includes extra features and fixes, including support for Apple Pay Cash (climax not activated yet), faster wireless charging for iPhone 8/X devices, new live wallpapers, and much more.

This is not the very first time users have encounter difficulties with the most recent Apple operating-system. A variety of apparently random bugs has been evident since launch, even though Apple is actively working to fix them, brand new ones keep popping up.

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