Say &ldquogoodbye&rdquo (within the America online voice, if at all possible) to America online Im.

In October, Oath (the combined entity of Yahoo and America online) announced it would shutter AIM on December 15. Yes, today may be the day.

While there’s an abundance of way to communicate online, AIM holds a unique devote a number of our hearts.

For some people, it had been the initial place we spoken to the crush. It had been our internet playground, where we increased familiar with online acronyms and first discovered the healthy practice of internet stalking.

AIM is the initial place we have ever authored an internet bio, likely in Comic Sans, with crazy text and background colors.

AIM never was an opportunity at checking up on the interest rate of innovation on the internet, and that’s why its sun has set, however that doesn&rsquot change what it really designed to us.

So today, pour one out for teenage you typing furiously on the pc inside your parents&rsquo office. LOL. AFK. BRB. ROFL.

Creaky door closing seem effect

Disclosure: Oath owns TechCrunch.

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