Now in the eleventh year, the Sony World Photography Awards&nbsphighlight the very best images from amateur and photography lovers from around the world.&nbsp

This season&rsquos shortlist images aren’t any exception. Idol judges pored over nearly 320,000 images to create their selections in groups varying from Nature &amp Wildlife to Current News &amp Matters.&nbsp

The winning images is going to be released on April 19. Check out this season&rsquos shortlist images below.&nbsp

  • Sport (Professional)
    Balazs Gardi/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Horsemen fight for any headless calf carcass throughout a buzkashi match at the time of Nawroz, or Persian Year, in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan, on March 21, 2017.

  • Discovery (Professional)
    Hanlin Wang/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Soldiers in China.&nbsp

  • Current Matters & News (Professional)
    Kevin Frayer/The new sony World Photography Awards
    A Rohingya refugee boy eager for aid cries because he climbs on the truck disbursing aid for any local NGO close to the Balukali refugee camp on&nbspSept. 20, 2017, in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

  • Street Photography (Open)
    Manuel Armenis/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Probably the most elegant lady of her neighborhood in Hamburg, Germany&nbsp– always stylish, colorful, in good spirits, smiling, never complaining, even through everyday&nbspstruggles.&nbspShe isn’t seen without her closest friend &ndash her little dog.

  • Contemporary Issues (Professional)
    Fredrik Lerneryd/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Every Wednesday at Spurgeons Academy, a college in the center of the indecipherable maze of Kibera’s narrow roads and alleys, students go ahead and take chairs and benches from a classroom and sweep the ground. The college uniforms are switched to vibrant-colored clothes.
    When teacher Mike Wamaya enters the classroom, the scholars enter into position and put one hands around the concrete wall as if it were a ballet bar.
    Classical music plays from a little portable speaker, and also the class begins.

  • Natural World & Wildlife (Professional)
    Neil Aldridge/The new sony World Photography Awards
    A youthful white-colored rhino waits inside a boma, blindfolded and partly drugged following a lengthy journey from Nigeria, prior to being released in to the wild in Botswana included in efforts to rebuild Botswana’s lost rhino populations.

  • Natural World & Wildlife (Professional)
    Daniel Biber/The new sony World Photography Awards
    A really impressive starling murmuration.&nbsp

  • Sport (Professional)
    Adam Pretty/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Zamira Myrabekova of Kazakstan keeps her eyes on your ball while being held underwater by Russian defense throughout the Women’s Water Polo Group D preliminary round match between Russia and Kazahstan throughout the 2017 Budapest FINA World Titles on This summer 20, 2017, in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Travel (Open)
    Manish Mamtani/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Aerial look at Glacial river in Iceland.&nbsp

  • Natural World & Wildlife (Professional)
    Wiebke Haas/The new sony World Photography Awards
    A picture from “Horsestyle” series by&nbspWiebke Haas.&nbsp

  • Sport (Professional)
    Behnam Sahvi/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Child Disability Swimming Titles in the disability pool in Tehran Province, Iran.

  • Creative (Professional)
    Eduardo Castaldo/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Every single day, before sunset, a large number of Palestinian workers spend between&nbsptwo and&nbspfour hrs clumped&nbsptogether to mix the so-known as “CheckPoint 300,” which&nbspdivides Bethlehem and Jerusalem, to be able to go employed in Jerusalem and surrounding areas.

  • Portraiture (Professional)
    Andrew Quilty/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Omid, who does not know his age, means a portrait together with his homemade skis in Aub Bala’s village mosque.&nbsp

  • Discovery (Professional)
    Jack Yong/The new sony World Photography Awards
    A thermal vacuum test area.&nbsp

  • Portraiture (Open)
    Sphiwo Hlatshwayo/The new sony World Photography Awards
    A portrait of the lady with freckles.

  • Sport (Professional)
    Norbert Hartyanyi/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Our prime-dive competition in the 17th FINA World Championship.&nbsp

  • Natural World & Wildlife (Professional)
    Mark Edward Harris/The new sony World Photography Awards
    A 40-year-old orangutan named Azy in the Simon Skjodt Worldwide Orangutan Center in Indiana, Indiana.

  • Contemporary Issues (Professional)
    Lauren Greenfield/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Ilona aware of her daughter, Michelle, 4, in Moscow. Ilona&rsquos sweater was created on her inside a custom color by her friend Andrey Artyomov, whose Walk of Shame fashion lines are well-liked by the spouses of oligarchs.

  • Portraiture (Professional)
    Anush Babajanyan/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Rasidatou and Latifatou, 4, pose for any portrait on the street within the Koumassi district of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on This summer 25, 2017.

  • Landscape (Professional)
    Varun Thota/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Taken&nbspon the borders of Hong Kong, this huge residential area should really resemble United States-type suburbs with individual homes as well as yellow school buses. However, this huge lake in the heart of everything might have been developed a particular way, which could only truly be recognized previously mentioned.

  • Landscape (Professional)
    Tomasz Pad&#322o/The new sony World Photography Awards
    A place in Kazakhstan.

  • Natural World & Wildlife (Professional)
    Kaleb White-colored/The new sony World Photography Awards
    “The Roar.”

  • Current Matters & News (Professional)
    Asha Miles/The new sony World Photography Awards
    Female genital mutilation may be the partial or complete elimination of exterior female genitalia. A set known as “Scars,” which this photo is associated with,&nbspshares the private tales of 12 Gambian ladies who survived the process as children.

  • Landscape (Professional)
    Luca Locatelli/The new sony World Photography Awards
    A look at Torano&rsquos “marble valley” within the Apuan Alps, certainly one of Italia&rsquos most marble-wealthy areas.&nbsp

  • Culture (Open)
    Xiaoxiao Liu/The new sony World Photography Awards
    In China, students get their military training at the outset of the college term.

  • Current Matters & News (Professional)
    Rasmus Flindt/The new sony World Photography Awards
    An seniors lady is travelled into the town on the rear of certainly one of Golden Division&rsquos Humvees. The temperatures are nearly 50 levels Celcius, and she or he&rsquos too weak to escape the frontline by herself.

  • Portraiture (Professional)
    Sasha Maslov/The new sony World Photography Awards
    “Veterans” is a number of portraits of people that required part in&nbspWorld War II.&nbsp

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