From left to right, that&#39s Chrises Hemsworth, Pratt, Pine, and Evans.
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The Hollywood Chrises weren’t invented in 2017. They have all been kicking around in certain form or any other because the early ’80s, and individuals happen to be cracking jokes about Hollywood’s fixation on blandsome youthful white-colored male Chrises since a minimum of 2013, when Chris Pratt was cast in Guardians from the Universe.

But 2017 was the entire year the Hollywood Chrises with each other arrived at new heights &ndash as did our dependence on them, both individually so that as an organization. Below, a glance back in the year in Chris.

The month of january: Chris Pine showcases a grey beard in the Golden Globes

Chris Pine’s beard, here seen mounted on Chris Pine’s face, in the 2017 Golden Globes.

Image: Paul Drinkater / nbcuniversal via Getty Images

It isn’t frequently that the male celebrity’s look becomes the talk of the town on awards night, particularly if the male celebrity under consideration is simply putting on a vintage black tuxedo.&nbsp

But it is also not frequently that the male celebrity arrives having a grey beard this glorious. Hats off and away to Chris Pine, then, to get the entire year of Chris off and away to a powerful start in the Globes.

In other Chris news: Chris Pratt cracks jokes about his Vanity Fair shoot and guests on Mom (starring his now-ex-wife Anna Faris).

Feb: Chris Evans battles a white-colored supremacist on Twitter

We are not to imply Chris Evans is Captain America IRL, but … wait, no. Yes, we’re. That is what we are saying.&nbsp

In other Chris news: Chris Hemsworth turns out to be a hilariously terrible roommate in Team Thor Pt. 2.

March: Chris Hemsworth calculates shirtless

The Chrises could tell you just how it requires lots of effort to appear this good. Chris Hemsworth required the “show, don’t tell” approach in March, sharing a video of his intense workout regimen.

The clip continues to be viewed 4.a million occasions up to now, presumably from those who are purely inside it for that fitness tips and by no means thinking about shameless ogling. &nbsp

In other Chris news: Chris Evans showcases their own muscled physique on the cover of Esquire.

April: Chris Pratt serenades his snack

TURN THE VOLUME UP ON YOUR DEVICE for this all new critically acclaimed episode of #WHATSMYSNACK #cheatmeal edition. Starring Chris Pratt. Set on the River Thames in post World Two England, Chris Pratt plays lonely CIA agent Drake McGuiness, a man with a dangerous secret and a crippling addiction to dessert. Score by The Beatles. WRITTEN by Chris Pratt. PRODUCED by Chris Pratt. EXECUTIVE PRODUCED by Chris Pratt. ASSOCIATE PRODUCED by Chris Pratt. Special thanks to a CHRIS PRATT. Cinematography by @annafaris No animals were harmed in the making of this video. But 7 cranberry, currant, butter, jam, clotted cream scones got BF’d pretty hard. All rights reserved. #WHATSMYSNACK is a registered trademark. Copyright infringement is punishable by up to 500 years in prison and a $250 trillion fine. Piracy is not a victimless crime.

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Stepping into super hero shape also needs a strict diet, try not to cry an excessive amount of for that Chrises. They get cheat meals, and it’s really a beautiful factor once they do. Like here, where Chris Pratt sings to his scone.&nbsp

In other Chris news: Chris Pine begins his recurring guest role on Angie Tribeca Chris Evans’ Gifted (to not be mistaken with Fox’s Gifted, that is about superheroes) hits theaters.

May: Chris Pine attempts to explain the various Chrises

Chris Pine, bless his heart, tried to convince us the Chrises were differing people. He did not entirely succeed, however a for effort.

In other Chris news: Chris Evans reads a bedtime story Chris Pratt makes us ugly-cry in Guardians from the Universe Vol. 2.

June: Chris Hemsworth plays with dolls

Just stumbled across a little secret Avengers rehearsal by the @therussobrothers

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I was disappointed that Chris Hemsworth sitting out Captain America: Civil War this past year, but we need not happen to be. Between Team Thor which amusing play sesh, watching Hemsworth sulk about being overlooked continues to be much more entertaining than anything he could’ve possibly completed in Civil War.

In other Chris news: Chris Pine stars in Wonder Woman and inspires leading lady Woman Gadot to create this face.

This summer: Chris Evans accidentally causes us to be cry over his dog

For any brief, heart-stopping moment, the web thought Chris Evans’ dog was dead. We rejoiced whenever we learned that Dodger was still being alive in the end, and leaped for pleasure once the pair were finally reunited. Best celebrity handful of 2017, yes or very yes?

In other Chris news: Chris Hemsworth cuddles up with his friends from work at Comic-Disadvantage Chris Evans puts in certain truly excellent cameos in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

August: Chris Hemsworth was “shaken” as he met Chris Pratt

It’s true

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Though Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt are members of exactly the same Marvel family, they did not “really” meet ’til the Avengers: Infinity War shoot. Once they did, Hemsworth stated, he was “weirdly shaken.” We assume while he thought this introduced the planet a measure nearer to the Chris singularity.

In other Chris news: Chris Pine steals every scene he has in Wet Hot American Summer time: 10 Years Later.&nbsp

September: Chris Pratt learns he’s Chris Evans

For those these dudes insist that, no seriously, we are many different people, they are all really type of alike. Situation in point: This very study (i.e., online quiz) discovered that Chris Pratt is, actually, Chris Evans.&nbsp

Bear in mind this quiz originates from Disney, which employs all Chrises. (Pine is incorporated in the approaching A Wrinkle over time others are within the Marvel family.) If anybody knows the main difference between your Chrises, it’s them &ndash and based on them, there’s none.

In other Chris news: Chris Evans reunites with his dog so we cry our eyes out.

October: Chris Pratt’s boy can also be Chris Evans

Hold on! The Chris conspiracy (Chrispiracy?) thickens. Actually, Chris Pratt’s boy, Jack, is also Chris Evans. Through which we imply that Jack went as Captain America for Halloween, together with his father with you. Like father, like boy.

In other Chris news: Chris Evans and yet another Avengers take part in an event for Puerto Rico relief.

November: Chris Evans reunites with Jenny Slate

Allow Chris Evans &ndash whom, as we have old above, is essentially Captain America IRL &ndash to exhibit us that love is not dead in the end.&nbsp

In other Chris news: Chris Hemsworth stars in Thor: Ragnarok Chrises Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt come in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer.

December: Chris Pines really are a factor

Believe to shut the Year of Chris? It’ll look so nice alongside your Wreath Witherspoon!

In other Chris news: Chris Pratt pets a baby raptor.

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